Ray’s Top 15 Quarterbacks and Comparisons

Please note I am using only current NFL players in my comparisons

  1. Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma)

Baker Mayfield gets a bad rap for his antics but it boils down to his competiveness. Mayfield wants to win and he wants to win bad. On the field, he holds himself and his teammates accountable. He has a good arm, he’s accurate and has good athletic ability to make plays outside the pocket. Yes, he does need to need to cut down on some the immature actions if he is going to be the face of a franchise. But at the end of the day he will learn what he can and can’t do and I have no doubt he can learn to harness his emotions. I want competitors on my team who are going to do whatever it takes to win. Mayfield is a winner.

NFL Comparison: Dak Prescott, Dallas


  1. Josh Rosen (UCLA)

Rosen has a solid arm with very good mechanics. He is a true winner and you can point to the 4th quarter of the Texas A&M game to see a guy who can lead a team. There have been rumors that he is not a coachable player but he has gotten better with each season and by all accounts is a very hard worker. He is a smart quarterback who can make all the throws. He is not a great athlete but he is certainly not a statue in the pocket. As opposed to Mayfield, some of the things that Rosen has said or done show a sense of arrogance. It’s not always a bad trait in a quarterback and not a huge flaw but he needs to learn what to say and not say and when to say it.

NFL Comparison: Kirk Cousins, Free Agent


  1. Sam Darnold (USC)

Darnold is probably the most complete quarterback in the draft class. He has all the tools to be a star. He has a great arm, is very accurate and is a very intelligent quarterback. He still has a lot of growing to go as he has only 24 career starts at USC. He doesn’t have the quickest release which could lead to some more turnovers in the NFL. The best bet is for a team not to rush him into game action and give him time to settle into an offense. There is no doubt he will be a good NFL quarterback but he could be a perennial Pro Bowler if he cleans up his throwing motion.

NFL Comparison: Matt Ryan, Atlanta


  1. Lamar Jackson (Louisville)

Lamar Jackson is by far the best athlete at the position and he is a better athlete than many of the skill position players in the draft. One of the biggest concerns with Jackson is his accuracy. While he improved upon it this year he still has some work to do. He has probably the second strongest arm, behind Josh Allen, and can make all the throws. The first thing Jackson will have to do is learn not to pull it down and run too early, he also improved upon this in 2017. I believe that with the progress he made this past year he can continue to grow.

NFL Comparison: Colin Kaepernick, Free Agent


  1. Mason Rudolph (Oklahoma St.)

Rudolph is a well put together quarterback. He has a solid arm, is an accurate passer and has perfect touch on most of his throws. The biggest concern comes from his ability to get to his second read. He played in a very simple offense in college so transitioning to a true pro-style offense could be a big challenge and leaves a lot of question marks. Rudolph will most likely need a year and a coaching staff that can be patient.

NFL Comparison: Nick Foles, Philadelphia


  1. Mike White (Western Kentucky)

White is a very unique quarterback prospect. After transferring from South Florida to Western Kentucky he really took off. In 2016, he has Taywan Taylor and Forest Lamp and put up some monster games and numbers. He had less talent this year but still put up good numbers. He doesn’t have great athleticism but he has a very quick release with good arm strength. White is the ideal candidate to sit for a year and learn the finer points of playing the position and focusing in the film room.

NFL Comparison: Matt Moore, Miami



  1. Josh Allen (Wyoming)

Josh Allen is a very good athlete with a rocket of an arm. However, one of his biggest downfalls is his accuracy. He completed only 56% of his passes the last two years and many of his throws were way off target. He will still be a very high draft pick due to his arm and athletic ability and a coaching staff that believes they can improve on his accuracy. Allen should have a solid career in the NFL but I believe ultimately he will be a backup as his mechanics may be too much too fix. I truly believe that Josh Allen is Jake Locker 2.0.

NFL Comparison: Cardale Jones, Los Angeles Chargers


  1. Luke Falk (Washington St.)

Falk was thought of as a possible first round pick coming into this year. However, he had a very up and down year which has brought many of his flaws to the surface. Falk is a very efficient passer with good touch on the ball and solid accuracy. He does not have the strongest arm and can’t make some of the necessary throws with the strength needed. He will have a lot of learning to do at the next level but he could be a reliable back up.

NFL Comparison: Landry Jones, Pittsburgh Steelers


  1. Chase Litton (Marshall)

Litton has a good frame, with a strong arm but his decision to leave school early may have not been the best one. While he had a very successful career at Marshall he could have improved his draft stock by cutting down on his turnovers in 2018. He was a three year starter who had some good games against good teams. He will get drafted and should make a team as a third string quarterback initially with a chance to become a solid backup.

NFL Comparison: Ryan Griffin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers


  1. Kyle Lauletta (Richmond)

Lauletta has been gaining momentum since the season ended and could find him being selected on Day 2 although I believe Day 3 is a much more appropriate. He has a solid throwing motion and has been accurate throughout his career. He has a long way to go and doesn’t have the level of arm as many of the top quarterback prospects. Lauletta could be a reliable backup.

NFL Comparison: Matt Barkley, Arizona Cardinals


  1. T. Barrett (Ohio St.)

J.T. Barrett has the makeup to be a high quality backup in the NFL. He has the character and leadership ability to take on the role as a backup. He is a hard worker, with a strong arm, good athleticism but isn’t the most accurate passer. Still, he possess some high quality traits that will entice teams to bring him in. Barrett has played in some big games and had a great deal of success. I believe he gets drafted and has every chance to win a roster spot.

NFL Comparison: Brett Hundley, Green Bay Packers


  1. Kurt Benkert (Virginia)

Benkert is an interesting prospect. He has a gunslinger mentality as he believes he can make every throw into any window. He does have a strong arm and good athleticism but will need to cut down on mistakes in order to make a team. I expect him to get drafted late on Day 3 but he should impress in minicamp.

NFL Comparison: Tom Savage, Free Agent


  1. Riley Ferguson (Memphis)

Ferguson moved on from Tennessee to Memphis an became a very efficient college passer. Ferguson has a very good arm but needs to improve his accuracy and mechanics. In the NFL, he will be able to clean up his accuracy and push to make a roster. Ferguson has good athletic ability and put up a lot of touchdowns in the past two seasons.

NFL Comparison: T.J. Yates, Free Agent


  1. Logan Woodside (Toledo)

Woodside is on the smaller side for quarterbacks and does not have great arm strength. He was very successful at Toledo but fits a mold of a West Coast quarterback. He is an accurate passer with good athleticism and a competitor. He will battled to make a team but he has to have the right fit to make a team.

NFL Comparison: Brandon Allen, Los Angeles Rams


  1. John Wolford (Wake Forest)

Wolford is another small quarterback who has decent arm strength but will have trouble making some throws. He has good athleticism but also did not receive an invite to the Combine. He only has one year of success and he was very efficient in 2017 with 29 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions along with 683 yards rushing. Wolford won’t get drafted but he should get at least an invite to minicamp.

NFL Comparison: Stephen Morris, Washington Redskins