Day 3 NFL Draft

It doesn’t take much effort to find media coverage of the prospects who will hear their names called on the draft’s opening night. If you’ve followed our site for the past eleven years, then you’re aware of our focus on the players that are selected after that. We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to correctly evaluate mid-to-late-round value as evidenced by our standing in The Huddle Report’s accuracy rankings.

This year, NFL Rough Draft is teaming up with Doug Martz. He is the Draft Board Guru and most accurate value predictor in the industry over the past five years to bring you the first ever Day 3 NFL Draft.

Our goal is to help fans learn about some of outstanding talent that is projected to be available on the 2018 NFL Draft’s final day. These are the players that make up the bulk of NFL rosters and can separate and average team from a Super Bowl contender.


Here’s how Day 3 NFL Draft works:

-Mike Luchene, Ray Mencio, and Doug Martz will draft 40-man teams based on players who are projected to fall out of the draft’s first 3 rounds.

-Since we obviously don’t know which specific players will be available yet, we will use Doug’s current top 100 rankings as the list of ineligible players. Again, he has been more accurate than anyone when projecting which prospects will be selected first over the past 5 years.

-We will write draft recaps that explain why we chose certain prospects after our teams are complete.

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