2019 NFL Draft Coverage

Ray and I are proud to consistently rank as the most accurate NFL draft forecasters according to both Arif Hasan and The Huddle Report. However, we're deep into our 3rd decade analyzing the draft and the 2019 selection process will mark our 12th year as NFL Rough Draft and we don't have a large following. Neither of us have many Twitter followers, but most of the people who do track us on that platform are NFL players, beat writers, agents, and fantasy football experts. This has caused us to do some soul-searching and we've arrived at a couple of different conclusions.

First, we are going to explain our process a lot more this year. To this point, we've limited much of our prospect evaluation to our podcasts. You will now see it published in print more frequently on the website. Almost all of the work we usually complete from July-January has usually been privately withheld in scores of documents until we were able to coherently formulate the information into rankings. Starting now, with our new NCAA Team Prospect page, our watch list will be shared with everyone before football season even begins.

In addition to our expanded draft coverage, we will also share fantasy football advice this season. One of the advantages of spending thousands of hours scouting the NFL draft is that Ray and I get head starts on many in the fantasy football community. For example, some so-called experts look at the height/weight/speed of receivers like Jeff Janis and Justin Watson and label them as potential #1 NFL receivers. From being well-versed in how actual NFL executives assemble their squads, we are able to recognize that almost all of those Day 3 H/W/S receivers are drafted with the goal of making them into quality bottom-of-the-depth chart players who can develop into special teams aces. Being able to identify an organization's plan for an individual player while others are grasping at straws is half the battle. We haven't really publicized our fantasy football record to this point, but we made it to the conference finals of the 720-team most prestigious expert league in existence last year, Scott Fish Bowl 7 and we are also competing in that contest again this year. We look forward to sharing our dynasty. best-ball, and redraft rankings for the 2019 NFL season.

Lastly, we promise to pull even fewer punches than we have in the past. This is also probably part of the reason we don't have more Twitter followers, but the people who do value our opinions should hear the unadulterated truth. By no means does this mean we want to go out of our way to be jerks. Rather, we both feel that it's extremely important to be accountable for our advice and we don't like to sugarcoat our evaluations of players.

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited our site over the past 11 years. We're about to step up our game even more so we hope you help us spread the word!