Mencio Finishes as Top Fantasy Football Analyst in Scott Fish Bowl 10


Ray Mencio finished 1st amongst all fantasy football analysts (2nd overall) in this season's world famous Scott Fish Bowl 10.

The tournament included Matthew Berry, Brad Evans, Mike Clay, John Bauer, Scott Connor, Mitch Sorenson, Dan LaMagna, and virtually every other fantasy football analyst.

The overall champion was fan, Jayme Cernicka. Of 15 finalists, Cernicka was the only to have Alvin Kamara's 6-touchdown Christmas performance in his lineup.

Ray fell 2.9 points short of the overall championship when Josh Jacobs purposely didn't score in order to bleed the clock, Darrell Henderson got hurt at the 1-yard line and missed the rest of the game, and Stefon Diggs was pulled after his 3rd touchdown.

This season's Fish Bowl included 1,440 players.

NFL Rough Draft's Mike Luchene and Dynasty Theory's John Bauer teamed up to take 58th place in the 10,800-team FFPC FootballGuys tournament as well.