Final 7-Round Mock Draft

Our final projection is now available. Happy draft day!

Final Top 100 Board for the 2012 NFL Draft

NFL Rough Draft finished third in the 2011 accuracy rankings posted annually by The Huddle Report. We've consistently fared well and the final board that will be submitted for entry this year is now published on our site. Our final mock draft will be posted late tomorrow night.

Top 100 Overall Prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft

We aren't going to finalize our board for another week, but here is our current projection of the top 100 prospects in the NFL draft.

Updated Rankings: QB, RB, WR

As the headline suggests, we've posted our updated rankings for each of the three positions.

Updated 3-round mock draft

Ray has posted his first three-round projection.

2012 Team-By-Team Starting Quarterback Predictions

Here are some educated guesses at who is going to be the starting quarterback for each NFL team for the 2012 season.


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Preliminary 2012 QB Rankings

Ray and I have just about wrapped up NFL Rough Draft's preliminary positional rankings for the 2012 NFL Draft. We'll post a new position every few days. Quarterback rankings are available now. These early projections should be viewed only as a starting point. As always, we'll include hundreds of prospects as we get closer to the draft.


Updated Mock (10/19/11)

Ray just posted his updated projection of the 2012 draft.

2011 NFL Undrafted Free Agent Tracker (Updated: 5:38 PM)

I think I killed the last thread with all of the updates, so consider this reboot part 2 of the UDFA Tracker.



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NFL Undrafted Rookie Free Agent Tracker (Updated 4:19 PM)

NFL teams cannot officially sign undrafted rookie free agents until Tuesday at 10 AM EST, but reports are already starting to trickle in that some players have agreements in place. With that being the case, we've decided to start our UDFA signing tracker early.