This latest projection represents what we’re hearing may happen rather than the decisions we would make if we were in charge. Information was gathered about pro day reports and official-30 visits along with reported meetings at the offseason college all star games. We did not project trades, but we did make sure to place prospects with the destinations we feel they will ultimately land. For example, we don’t project any of the top 4 perceived quarterbacks falling out of the top 10, but we concede that there’s a strong chance one of the franchises picking in the 11-16 range will move up to get one of them. In this projection, you will simply see us place the quarterback with the team we guess will make the deal. In addition, one or two trades on draft night can really mess everything up. For that reason, we mostly pride ourselves on matching players with rounds. In other words, while most people put most of their effort into the first round projection, we only place slightly more significance into it than rounds 2-7.

Final Mock Draft

1st Round


  1.     Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

Rumors have John Dorsey locked in on Josh Allen first overall. I didn’t understand trading the 65th overall selection for one year of Tyrod Taylor at $16m. That’s an irresponsible price to pay for a bridge quarterback unless he had years remaining on his rookie deal and the team was facing a cap crunch (neither of which are the case). The small amount sense I can interpret from the deal is that it’s passable if Cleveland had already decided that it was going to take an athletic signal-caller in the first round. Allow me to hash this out a bit more. Taylor will be the starter to begin 2018, but the offense should be built around the quarterback who is selected here. So it doesn’t make sense to trade valuable draft capital for an athletic dual-threat placeholder if the team is planning on dropping a pure pocket passer into the starting role at some point in the next 12 months. If that were the plan, then it would have made more sense to have just gone hard after Sam Bradford and hang onto the first selection of the 3rd round. However, if Dorsey already decided on Allen, Mayfield, or Lamar Jackson with athleticism being a factor, then it makes more sense to make sure there’s a temporary starter who can move around already in place. While that entire explanation supports the Allen rumors, we just can’t project the Wyoming signal-caller over Sam Darnold without knowing for sure. Darnold is a superior prospect who we grade as a future franchise player. Even if Allen has a higher ceiling, his probability of reaching it is very low because of his history of inaccuracy.


  1.     New York Giants: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

Ray and I both think Dave Gettleman would be crazy to pass on a future quarterback with the second overall selection. I’ve pointed to parallels between this team and the Oakland Raiders in April of 2004. We all know what happened to Oakland in the following decade. The team landed Robert Gallery, a projected tackle that turned out to be a pro bowl guard, and could have just as easily taken Larry Fitzgerald, the future Hall of Famer-caliber skill position player. Former owner Al Davis would have likely selected Roy Williams over Fitzgerald, but my point is that those players didn’t/wouldn’t have made the Raiders competitive during the course of their careers. The only players that could have made Oakland a winning squad were the quarterbacks - Rivers and Roethlisberger. However, Davis had a team one year removed from a Super Bowl appearance and its aging QB had taken home MVP honors the same season so Al decided to reload and make another run. Hindsight shows that it was a critical mistake, but it set the blueprint for how New York should approach this choice. Now, Ray and I both agree that we would not take Allen with this choice either. If it were up to us, the pick would be Baker Mayfield, just like I projected in my February mock. However, it’s not up to us. It sounds like the Giants are gearing up to take Saquon Barkley. He is a future franchise player without question, but the team is in trouble with no clear heir-apparent to Eli Manning.


  1.     New York Jets (from IND): Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

The Jets will likely be left with a choice between Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen. This is a rare win-win deal for both New York and the Colts. The Jets needed to get up here to take their quarterback of the future and Indy may land the player they were targeting here with the 6th overall choice all while receiving an impressive haul that includes 3 2nd round choices. At the end of the day, Jets fans won’t care about the price as long as this finally ends up being the team’s future star quarterback. I compare Mayfield to former San Francisco pro bowler Jeff Garcia. The comparisons to Johnny Manziel are unfair. While Mayfield needs to mature a bit off the field, the same can be said of many 23-year-olds and his issues don’t involve the same troubling details that Johnny Football was dealing with around the time he went through the draft process.

  1.     Cleveland Browns (from HOU): Bradley Chubb, Edge, North Carolina State

Nobody is going to be laughing at the Cleveland Browns anymore if their first two choices play out like this. Chubb provides the defense with another elite edge rusher to bookend with Myles Garrett. The other potential choice is Saquon Barkley. Some have suggested it would be silly to select Barkley here because the overall value of the position, the depth in this class, and running backs tend to have short careers. I disagree and think Barkley would be a fine choice. He would certainly ease the transition of whichever rookie quarterback Dorsey decides on earlier. Barkley will be a true franchise player, but I give the slight edge to Chubb being the correct choice for a couple reasons. First, the Browns don’t really need a running back that desperately. Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson make for a more-than-capable duo. More importantly, as I alluded to earlier, this is a very strong running back class and there aren’t a lot of good edge players this year. My preference would be to take Chubb here and still end up with a potential franchise back on Day 2.


  1.     Denver Broncos: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

I think there’s a chance quarterbacks will be selected with each of the top 4 picks in this draft. It would be the first time that’s ever happened. John Elway has to know Case Keenum isn’t a long-term answer and neither Paxton Lynch nor Chad Kelly can be relied upon as anything more than flyers at this point. Assuming Elway agrees with my assessment, I would expect a potential situation with Cleveland that plays out like last year’s Chicago-San Francisco scenario. The Browns can hold #4 for a ransom because there won’t be a shortage of suitors, but the advantage to dealing with Denver is that John Dorsey would still get the same exact player he would have taken if he hadn’t traded the pick. Ultimately, the package offered to move down further may be too much for the Browns to say no to, but Denver will be lucky if the Giants take Barkley and one of the top 4 quarterbacks is still on the board when the team is scheduled to reach the podium.


  1.     Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ): Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia

The Colts have shown a ton of interest in Roquan Smith over the past couple of months. They definitely would like to trade down and increase the amount of picks they have but they don’t want to move down too far. If they stay at 6, Smith is a real option. He can play middle linebacker and can move sideline to sideline. He is a playmaker who will make a major impact immediately.

  1.     Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

This choice should come down to Ward and Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson. There’s a strong chance both will be on the board at #7 and also a decent likelihood that both will be gone by the time the Bears choose at #8 (assuming neither pick is traded). We have Nelson ranked as a better prospect than Ward, but the Ohio State corner plays a much more important position so we gave him the edge here. Quite honestly, either player would be a fine choice here.


  1.     Chicago Bears: Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame

The Bears need to prioritize protecting Mitchell Trubisky and adding Nelson would be a major improvement. Nelson has the upside of a Hall of Famer and will make an instant impact as the Bears left guard. Nelson still has room for improvement which makes it scary how good he can be. The Bears could look at linebacker or a defensive back.


  1.     San Francisco 49ers: Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech

The 49ers have been linked to Edmunds and with the uncertainty surrounding Reuben Foster makes this a good fit. Edmunds is a very young linebacker who is a great athlete and can have a huge impact on defense and special teams.


  1.  Oakland Raiders: Mike McGlinchey, RT, Notre Dame

This is the point in the draft where I will start to get hate-mail, but let me explain first. I expect Roquan Smith, Denzel Ward, and Vita Vea to be in play for this selection. The problem here is that Smith and Ward have already been drafted. Jon Gruden has previously stated that it’s a priority to make sure the Raiders create more push in the middle of their defense in order to free up Khalil Mack to wreak even more havoc. That makes sense and Vea could be the choice. However, Gruden also said that everything the team does this offseason is going to be designed to help Derek Carr return to form. Some have McGlinchey pegged as a future right tackle because he was better there at Notre Dame before moving to the blind side. That may be the case, but he would, in fact, become the starting right tackle. Oakland currently has a gaping hole at the position and Donald Penn is only assured of playing one more season due to his age and the language in his contract. The Raiders could draft McGlinchey, start him at right tackle, and then spend the next year or two assessing whether or not he is the eventual replacement for Penn. In this projection, it’s a coin-flip between Vea and McGlinchey. The Raiders recently brought Mo Hurst in for a visit which could potentially indicate they’re targeting the interior defensive lineman in the 2nd round. Tremaine Edmunds only makes sense if Paul Guenther views him as a MIKE. If the team projects him as a SAM, then the 10th overall selection is too high for a player who will come off the field on 3rd down. While MIKE linebacker remains of critical concern, NaVorro Bowman could erase the problem.


  1.  Miami Dolphins: Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville

.If the right player doesn’t fall to the Dolphins they could easily look to move out of this spot. This team has a lot of pieces in place to compete as soon this year. The Dolphins have brought in a good amount of cornerbacks for visits and they have been linked to Alexander. We wouldn't be  shocked if they narrowed in on Alexander and chose him at 11 but there is a decent probability they move out of this pick as well.


  1.  Buffalo Bills (from CIN): Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

The Bills are clearly trying to move up again to take one of the top 4 projected quarterbacks. That’s perhaps even the most likely outcome. Here, we aren’t projecting trades so the choice could come down to Jackson and Mason Rudolph. Jackson isn’t simply another dual-threat quarterback. He is a generational athlete. He squarely fits into the exception list of potential successful quarterbacks who rely on their running ability to make them special players. That exclusive club currently only includes Michael Vick and Cam Newton. Unfortunately, Jackson isn’t as good in the pocket as Vick was when he left Virginia Tech and his build isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Cam Newton. These are also reasons why we’re talking about Jackson’s range closer to the 10th selection rather than the first overall slot that both of the aforementioned prospects eventually claimed. Jackson currently only really throws inside slants with great accuracy. However, if he can keep himself from taking too many hits as a runner, his athleticism could be game-changing while he develops as a passer.


  1.  Washington Redskins: Derwin James, S, Florida State

Washington really needs a playmaker in the defensive secondary. This would be an ideal situation as James, Fitzpatrick, Jackson and Alexander are all still on the board in this projection. Quite honestly, you can make the case for any of them. We chose James by the slightest margin because we feel like he has the most upside.


  1.  Green Bay Packers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama

This would be an easy decision for the Packers. The team is in the market for a playmaking safety to replace Morgan Burnett and Minkah falls right into their slot with this projection. The only other player that could be in consideration at this point would be Boise State’s Leighton Vander Esch. He makes for a strong fallback plan if Fitzpatrick, James, and Tremaine Edmunds are all gone on draft night, but that isn’t the case here.


  1.  Arizona Cardinals: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

The Cardinals could look to take a quarterback but they can compete next year. If Sam Bradford can stay healthy (thats a big if) then they could be a serious contender in the NFC West. Calvin Ridley is a very good route runner and has very good hands. While he doesn’t have elite athleticism he will get separation with the nuances from the game. Larry Fitzgerald Hall of Fame career will end at some point and Ridley would have at least a season to learn a lot from the legend.


  1.  Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

It’s been very quiet out of Baltimore for Ozzie Newsome’s last draft so its as good of a guess as anyone. Joe Flacco is a average starting quarterback who counts for over $24 million against the cap. If Flacco was to be cut next year the Ravens would save $10.5 million and over $20 million if cut in 2020. Lamar Jackson is an elite athlete with a very good arm. He needs to improve his mechanics and footwork but can make a big impact as a starting quarterback.


  1.  Los Angeles Chargers: Vita Vea, DT, Washington

The Chargers don’t have many glaring weaknesses but they could beef up the front of their defense. Vita Vea can play in any defense and while he won’t get a ton of a pass rush, he can be an elite run defender and rush the pocket. He will command a double team and take on a lot of blockers in the process.


  1.  Seattle Seahawks: Marcus Davenport, Edge, Texas-San Antonio

.If there was one team that I thought would trade down it would be the Seahawks. They are looking to acquire more picks and if the right player fell to this spot they could get a boat load. They could also look to move Earl Thomas but in doing so would create another hole. Davenport is a very good athlete who has had solid production but his best football should be in front of him. The Seahawks are getting younger on defense and would be a good fit.


  1.  Dallas Cowboys: Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State

The Cowboys supposedly love Vander Esch and there is a ton of reasons why. Some teams are scared off by his medical but there will be someone on Thursday night to take a chance. He is big, athletic and can play multiple different spots in a 4-3 or 3-4. The Cowboys would have him play MIKE and he would be an immediate starter.


  1.  Detroit Lions: Harold Landry, Edge, Boston College

The Lions are looking for an edge rusher and Landry is on the smaller side for a typical 4-3 end but he gets an incredible bend around edge. In 2016, Landry was dominate with 22 tackles for a loss and 16.5 sacks but was hampered by injuries in 2017. Landry is a guy who could sneak into the top 10.


  1.  Cincinnati Bengals (from BUF): Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP

The Bengals really made a nice move to swap picks with Buffalo. In this scenario, they rebuild the entire left side of their offensive line with that one move. I’d expect Isaiah Wynn, Billy Price, and Frank Ragnow to also be in play here. I feel confident projecting this selection to be an offensive lineman though.


  1.  Buffalo Bills (from KC):  Frank Ragnow, C, Arkansas

The Bills need offensive line help in a big way. They need to come away with a new center at some point. They could easily wait for an option, maybe even Daniels, in the 2nd round but it will almost certainly be addressed within the first couple rounds.


  1.  New England Patriots (from LAR): Kolton Miller, LT, UCLA

Ray and I don’t really like Kolton Miller. We feel like he is overvalued because of his athleticism and we also contend that he is a big part of the reason people are concerned with Josh Rosen’s durability. The Patriots really need to figure out what’s going on at left tackle and if anyone can turn this guy into a player, it will be Dante Scarnecchia.


  1.  Carolina Panthers: D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland

Devin Funchess had somewhat of a breakout year in 2017 but the Panthers need more from their wide receivers. Moore is an elite athlete who made a ton of plays at Maryland and can be that explosive player that the Panthers have been lacking on the outside.


  1.  Tennessee Titans: Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama

Evans is a 1st round linebacker, but he may have pushed himself out of the opening frame by declining to run a 40-yard dash. I think he is plenty fast enough to play on the inside with a base 3-4 team. He will be a bit of a gamble for anyone who envisions him as a 4-3 MIKE.


  1.  Atlanta Falcons: Taven Bryan, DT, Florida

I’d really like to move Bryan a bit higher by the time we release our final mock draft. Ray and I really think he and Vea will be the only interior defensive linemen to come off the board in the first round. Bryan, probably wisely, declared early instead of joining a loaded 2019 class of defensive linemen. With another year of development, he could be looked at as one of the top 10 players in this class.


  1.  New Orleans Saints: Lorenzo Carter, Edge, Georgia

The Saints are a team that can go a variety of directions and without having a second round pick this would be a spot they know they need to get an impact player. Adding another pass rusher would be a huge boost for their defensive line and Carter is a great athlete who seems to be getting better.


  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers: Derrius Guice, RB, LSU

The Steelers can be one of the more predictable drafting teams in the NFL. They like to have dinner with their first round pick at his Pro Day, they take Power 5 conference players and typically they take an underclassmen. Guice checks all the boxes. Their two biggest needs are at inside linebacker and safety but with Guice on the board and the uncertainty of Le’Veon Bell’s future, Guice may be too good to pass up.


  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars: Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State

At this point last year, I thought Rudolph would be Sam Darnold’s biggest challenger for the top overall spot at the position. It turns out that I was a bit too high on him, but I still believe he throws with the best deep ball accuracy in the class. Rudolph has always been billed as a prospect who would impress NFL scouts and executives during interviews. I firmly believe that scenario has played out over the past few months which makes it more likely someone will take a chance on him in the first round. If you recall, I had Rudolph in my top 15 when I released my pre combine mock draft. Doubts about his ability to trust his arm and throw with anticipation may push him down as far as the 2nd round. Without question, I still believe that it’s possible Rudolph comes off the board as early as 12th overall if Buffalo is unable to move up. The Jaguars can afford to take a gamble here because they’ve already addressed the few remaining needs they had during free agency and the roster is in excellent shape. Don’t read too much into the 3-year extension for Blake Bortles because that was mostly just a cap relief move. There’s still a strong chance Bortles will be released before the 5th day of the 2019 league year unless he takes a step forward this upcoming season.


  1.  Minnesota Vikings: Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia

The Vikings are in a great position. They can hang back and take the best player available. Wynn makes plenty of sense. He is an immediate starter.


  1.  New England Patriots: Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

It was obvious the Patriots were ready to move on from Macolm Butler during the Super Bowl but they will need to find someone who can step in and be a lockdown corner. Jackson had a great year in 2017, leading all of FBS in interceptions and passes defended. He had two huge games against Ohio St. with 3 interceptions and Wisconsin with 2 more in back to back weeks. Jackson has a ton of potential.


  1.  Philadelphia Eagles: Donte Jackson, CB, LSU

The Eagles have spent a ton of time with Jackson and seem to think he is the ideal fit for their team. This is a great trade down spot especially if Mason Rudolph falls, we would expect someone to move up to secure him. Jackson is an athletic corner with a lot of upside.


2nd Round


  1.  Cleveland Browns: Mike Hughes, CB, Central Florida

The Browns still have a lot of holes to fill and looking at the defensive side of the ball the team needs to address the defensive backfield. Mike Hughes is a great value at the top of round 2 and he can be an instant starter in the NFL. We believe that Hughes is worthy of a first round selection and we can certainly see someone moving up to get him.


  1.  New York Giants: Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado

Giants need to improve their secondary and Oliver is another great value at the top of round 2.


  1.  Cleveland Browns (from HOU): Da’Ron Payne, DL, Alabama

The Browns need to improve their interior defensive line and Payne is a very good athlete for his size with a ton of upside.


  1.  Indianapolis Colts:  Billy Price, C/G, Ohio St.

The Colts definitely need to improve their offensive line and many believe that Price will be better suited at guard.


  1.  Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ): Justin Reid, S, Stanford

Reid is a very smart and instinctive player who would make a good compliment with Malik Hooker.


  1.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ronald Jones, RB, USC

Ronald Jones was not that impressive at the Combine, however, all indications are that he was not 100%. He as been dominate the last two years. He ran for 1,550 yards and 19 touchdowns in 2017 after running for 1,082 yards on only 177 carries in 2016. Jones is a very talented running back who will be a work horse in the NFL.


  1.  Chicago Bears: D.J. Chark, WR, LSU

Chark would be a great fit as Matt Nagy’s new Tyreek Hill.


  1.  Denver Broncos: Geron Christian, OT, Louisville

Christian is one of the most underrated tackles in this class. He has potential to play any of the 5 positions along the offensive line and we expect him to hear his name called much earlier than many currently project.


  1.  Oakland Raiders: Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan

Under normal circumstances, Hurst belongs somewhere in the bottom third of the 1st round. However, even though he has reportedly been cleared, heart issues has a history of pushing prospects down the board a bit. Recent examples include Star Lotulalai and Nick Fairley. Both were projected to be top 5 overall selections in their respective draft years and both fell to the mid first. Reggie Ragland and Quentin Groves were supposed to be mid-late 1st rounders and both fell to the 2nd round because of similar concerns. That said, Hurst is going to provide someone with an outstanding value on Day 2 if history repeats itself.


  1.  Miami Dolphins: Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

Kenyan Drake looked good at the end of the year in 2017 but it doesn’t appear that the Dolphins are set on him being the full time starter in 2018. The Dolphins have spent a lot of time with both Michel and Nick Chubb, so we wouldn’t be surprised if either of these picks are a Bulldogs running back. Michel is a versatile player, with good hands and good instincts.


  1.  New England Patriots (from SF): Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M

On one hand, the Patriots have a lot of bodies that currently occupy their receiving core. On the other hand, the number of 2017 receptions for players that they have under contract for 2019 is zero. Kirk plays the most important position in that offense. Edelman may be able to hang onto that spot for 2 more years, but if New England thinks this year could be the end of the line for him, Kirk will be a very attractive option.


  1.  Washington Redskins: James Daniels, C, Iowa

The Redskins need to improve their offensive line and Daniels is a guy who can step right in and play.


  1.  Green Bay Packers: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU

Jordy Nelson is gone and he represented a dangerous threat in the red zone. Davante Adams has developed into a star, but Sutton is a logical replacement for Nelson. The one area where he falls short is route-running.


  1.  Cincinnati Bengals: Nathan Shepherd, DT, Fort Hays State

The Bengals need additional depth on their defensive line and a potential starter at defensive tackle.


  1.  Arizona Cardinals: Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State

Goedert is another player who can make a huge impact immediately for the Cardinals. He is the top ranked tight end on most teams boards.


  1.  Los Angeles Chargers: Uchenna Nwosu, LB, USC

The Chargers have showed a lot of interest in Nwosu and he makes a lot of sense for them.


  1.  Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ): B.J. Hill, NT, North Carolina State

The Colts have a ton of needs on defense and Hill is a run stuffing defensive tackle that he can make an immediate impact.


  1.  Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis

Anthony Miller is an incredibly polished receiver who has a ton of upside. He is a good athlete, who runs very good routes and has good hands.


  1.  Detroit Lions: Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina

The Lons are clearly targeting a replacement for Eric Ebron. If Hurst is still on the board in the second round, then I’d expect him to be the pick. The team has also spent a lot of time with Jordan Akins, but this is too him for him.


  1.  Baltimore Ravens: Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia

A lot of people don’t realize that NFL decision-makers don’t just fill current holes on the roster. Instead, their eyes are always a year or two down the road. Alex Collins will be a restricted free agent after 2018 and there’s no telling whether or not he can repeat his improbable performance from last season. Even if he can, Chubb is an upgrade.


  1.  Buffalo Bills: Connor Williams, G/T, Texas

The Bills could solidify their offensive line with another good pick in the second round and Williams is probably better suited to play guard but can play right tackle.


  1.  Kansas City Chiefs: Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn

The Chiefs met with Davis at the combine. They’ve upgraded in the slot, but their boundary positions are in rough shape right now. It’s almost a given that this selection will be a cornerback.


  1.  Carolina Panthers: Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego State

The Panthers have spent a lot of time with Penny. They view him as a potential replacement for Jonathan Stewart.


  1.  Buffalo Bills (from LAR): Josh Sweat, Edge, Florida State

The Bills need an edge rusher and Sweat’s athleticism could have him in play for teams choosing much higher than this.


  1.  Tennessee Titans: Sam Hubbard, Edge, Ohio State

The Titans need an edge player so they will probably be happy to land a player some had mocked to them in the first round in the winter.


  1.  Atlanta Falcons: Austin Corbett, OG, Nevada

The Falcons need to improve their interior offensive line and Corbett is a great value.


  1.  San Francisco 49ers (from NO): Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama

The 49ers need some depth in their secondary and Harrison could be a starter by opening day.


  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers: Jessie Bates, S, Wake Forest

The Steelers need help at safety and they love Jessie Bates.


  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars: Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State

The Jags love athletic linebackers and Baker certainly fits that description. He recently had dinner with the organization and he would be another impressive addition to the defense if he reaches his potential. Baker is currently a 1st round athlete and a 4th round football player.


  1.  Minnesota Vikings: Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State

The Vikings are loaded and tight end is not an immediate need. Kyle Rudolph only has a year of guaranteed money left on his deal and 2 years total on the contract. It makes sense to groom Gesicki behind him and even if Rudolph signs an extension, the Vikings will have an offensive threat behind him like they previously envisioned with Bucky Hodges.


  1.  New England Patriots: Rasheem Green, DL, USC

The Patriots have shown a lot of interest in Green. He may take a year or two to develop into a true impact player, but he should do a satisfactory job of setting the edge against the run in the meantime.


  1.  Cleveland Browns (from PHI): Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh

This would be a terrific choice for the Browns as O’Neill could be long gone before the team reaches the podium at the end of the second frame. He is a potential starter at left tackle.


3rd Round


  1.  Buffalo Bills (from CLE): Duke Dawson, CB, Florida

The Bills brought Dawson in for a visit and he would be a fine upgrade over departed corners E.J. Gaines and Shareece Wright. Dawson was one of the best corners at the Senior Bowl despite battling strep throat that week.


  1.  New York Giants: James Washington, WR, Oklahoma St.
  2.  Indianapolis Colts: Harrison Phillips, DL, Stanford

The Colts have brought in a lot of potential 4th round 4-3 DTs, but we have them snagging Phillips a round earlier after he falls out of the 2nd round and right into their laps.


  1.  Houston Texans: Martinas Rankin, OL, Mississippi State

Rankin is a versatile offensive lineman who could develop into an NFL starter at any position other than left tackle.


  1.  New York Giants (from TB): Arden Key, Edge, LSU

As much as I can’t stand the Giants passing on a quarterback in the first round, drafting Key here would essentially give the team 4 new starters only 5 picks into the 3rd round. This could be a scenario that works out for the Giants as well as Justin Houston turned out for the Chiefs if Key has his head on straight.


  1.  San Francisco 49ers (from CHI): Dante Pettis, WR, Washington

Pettis is a safe bet for the top 100 because of his ability as a return specialist. He’ll contribute as a receiver, but he isn’t going to be a world beater.


  1.  Denver Broncos: Tyquan Lewis, DL, Ohio State


  1.  New York Jets: Kerryon Johnson, RB, Auburn

Johnson reminds me of Darren McFadden without quite as much ability as a downfield receiver. That’s not a knock on Johnson. McFadden caught the ball like a receiver. I just think we will see the same durability issues and also the same underrated value as a pass catcher and blocker.


  1.  Miami Dolphins: Tyrell Crosby, OT/G, Oregon

The Dolphins spent a lot of time with Crosby at the Senior Bowl. This past season Crosby did not allow a sack but will have trouble staying at left tackle. He can play right tackle or move inside to guard, both of which are needs for the Dolphins.


  1.  San Francisco 49ers: Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama

I thought Averett was in danger of falling out of the top 3 rounds after his performance at the combine. He improved his numbers at his pro day enough for me to once again feel comfortable calling him a Day 2 selection.


  1.  Oakland Raiders: Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas

Jefferson was one of the highest regarded prep prospects when he left high school and he has maintained that regard all the way through to his draft year. Jefferson is a terrific athlete with a chance to land in the 2nd round. The Raiders have shown interest.


  1.  Green Bay Packers: Mason Cole, C/G, Michigan

Ray and I both like Mason Cole a lot. We feel he is an immediate starter at either center or guard.


  1.  Cincinnati Bengals:  Rashaan Gaulden, CB, Tennessee

Gaulden is a great nickel corner who may have hurt himself a bit with his poor combine performance.


  1.  Kansas City Chiefs (from WAS): Breeland Speaks, DL, Mississippi

I believe scouts have Speaks firmly locked into the top 100 even though he hasn’t gained a lot of media attention. He would be an ideal defensive end in Kansas City’s defense.


  1.  Arizona Cardinals: Terrell Edmunds, S, Virginia Tech

Edmunds has the athleticism to develop into a starter, but he make some time.


  1.  Houston Texans (from SEA): Fred Warner, LB, BYU

Warner looked good at the Senior Bowl. There’s a muddled group of off-the-ball backers in the mid rounds so his ultimate landing spot will simply be determined by the individual boards of the teams.

  1.  Dallas Cowboys: Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma

The Cowboys will need to find Jason Witten successor and Andrews is in a similar mold.


  1.  Detroit Lions: Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon

Freeman would be a nice upgrade over the disappointing Ameer Abdullah in Detroit’s rotation. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Abdullah involved in a trade late on Day 3.


  1.  Baltimore Ravens: Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma

The fit here is perfect for many reasons. Make no mistake, Brown’s workout will justifiably hurt him. This is approaching his floor.


  1.  Los Angeles Chargers: Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan

The Chargers could look for some depth and help along the offensive line. Okorafor could be kicked inside to guard.


  1.  Carolina Panthers (from BUF): Braden Smith, G, Auburn

Smith is a really strong pick this late. Andrew Norwell is gone, but there’s no reason Smith can’t step right into his starting position.


  1.  Kansas City Chiefs: Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State

Gallup projects to be a solid, steady, unspectacular, and reliable receiver. I’ll take that in the later portion of the 3rd round.


  1.  Los Angeles Rams: P.J. Hall, DL, Sam Houston State

I loved P.J. Hall at the Shrine Game. He wasn’t invited to the combine. However, how do you keep a guy who blocked 14 kicks in college out of the top 3 rounds? That alone would be enough to warrant this draft slot. He also has plenty of ability to contribute as part of the rotation. This is a strong pick for the Rams since Suh’s stay will likely only be for one year.


  1.  Carolina Panthers: Dane Cruikshank, DB, Arizona

Cruikshank is a big athletic defensive back capable of playing both safety and cornerback. He worked out with the safeties at the combine, but I think he fits best as a press corner. He put together an impressive week of practice at the Shrine Game.


  1.  Tennessee Titans: Nyheim Hines, RB, North Carolina State

I know the Titans signed Dion Lewis. I just think there’s still room in that backfield for the electrifying Hines. He will create mismatches in the passing game as well.


  1.  Atlanta Falcons: Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana

Thomas is an athletic tight end with the potential to look like a steal in the 3rd round. Eric Saubert still has potential, but Thomas is a better version of him.


  1.  New Orleans Saints: Da’Shawn Hand, DL, Alabama

The Saints have shown a lot of interest in Hand. He can play a variety of roles along the Saints defensive line.


  1.  Pittsburgh Steelers: Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina State

The Steelers will address the inside linebacker position early in the draft. Jon Bostic was a sneaky good signing and can bridge the gap until Leonard can make a full time impact.

  1.  Jacksonville Jaguars: Daesean Hamilton, WR, Penn State

Daesean Hamilton put on an all star game practice clinic this offseason. He was so good at the Shrine Game that he got invited to the Senior Bowl where he was even better. He is a big slot receiver.

  1.  Minnesota Vikings: Kemoko Turay, Edge, Rutgers

This is lower than most people have Turay. I just don’t see it with him. He is athletic. However, Day 2 seems too high for his durability issues and lack of production.


  1.  New England Patriots: Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond

Normally, Ray and I don’t buy the hype on the media-created Day 2 quarterbacks. And we’re usually right. How quickly everyone forgets that Josh Dobbs, Nathan Peterman, and Brad Kaaya were all going to be 2nd-3rd round picks according to many last year. However, Lauletta isn’t a media creation. His arm strength has been called into question, but he recorded the same velocity as Mason Rudolph at the scouting combine. Is Lauletta a sure thing? Of course not! But, he is worth a shot as a developmental prospect after checking the arm strength box at the combine and backing up his impressive career at Richmond with a solid week of practice and game MVP honors in Mobile.


  1.  Buffalo Bills (from PHI): Derek Nnadi, DT, Florida State

There is a mid-round cluster of undersized 4-3 penetrators. Nnadi shouldn’t fall any further than the end of the 4th round.


  1.  Arizona Cardinals: Joseph Noteboom, OT, TCU

We are a bit lower on Noteboom than the league seems to be. He didn’t look like he could stick with speed rushers at the Senior Bowl.


  1.  Houston Texans: M.J. Stewart, CB, North Carolina

Stewart was projected to be a first round choice before a disappointing year. His work this offseason, including the Senior Bowl has probably rehabilitated his stock enough to keep him in Day 2.


  1.  Denver Broncos:  Oren Burks, LB, Vanderbilt


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: R.J. McIntosh, DL, Miami

McIntosh is going to have to spend a year buried at the bottom of the team’s rotation, but he could develop into a quality starter.  

4th Round


  1. Green Bay Packers (from CLE):  Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame

St. Brown is being miscast as a future #1 receiver by many right now. Height-Weight-Speed doesn’t automatically make a guy a star.He isn’t that because of his limited route tree. I still believe he will help someone as a complementary piece in the receiving game.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from NYG): Shaqueem Griffin, LB, Central Florida

Griffin is a player we (and everyone else) is rooting for. He looks like he could start at 4-3 WILL or inside in a 3-4. He’ll also be a very good special teams player. He deserves all the credit in the world for not letting his disability get in his way. I’m just a little skeptical that he is going to sneak into Day 2. However, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.


  1. Houston Texans: Will Richardson, OT, North Carolina State

Richardson will land in the top 100 if NFL decision-makers are comfortable with him as a person. He has long arms and the potential to start at tackle with his floor being a starting guard.


  1. Indianapolis Colts: Daurice Fountain, WR, Northern Iowa

Fountain didn’t get invited to the combine because he didn’t have eye-popping numbers at Northern Iowa, but he proved he is worthy of top 100 consideration with his play/practice at the East-West Game and his impressive pro day workout.


  1. Chicago Bears: Dorian O’Daniel, LB, Clemson

O’Daniel was really impressive during his week of practice at the Senior Bowl. He moves like a safety and is excellent in pass coverage.


  1. Denver Broncos: Chris Herndon, TE, Miami

Herndon is going to be in competition with Jordan Akins to be the next receiving tight end off the board after Mark Andrews. His MCL is reportedly fine and he is a lot younger than Akins.


  1. New York Jets: Deon Cain, WR, Clemson

Cain just reminds me of Kenny Stills. This is about the range you’d consider drafting a young Kenny Stills.


  1. New York Giants (from TB): Josey Jewell, LB, Iowa

Jewell isn’t a flashy athlete. He’s just a good football player.


  1. Washington Redskins (from DEN): Isaac Yiadom, CB, Boston College

Yiadom is a perfect value in the 4th round even though many project him to be drafted earlier.


  1. Oakland Raiders: Tre’Quan Smith, WR, UCF

Fans don’t always realize receivers have value for more reasons than just catching passes. Smith has a very low ceiling, but a very high floor as a 3rd or 4th receiver who can block.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (from MIA): Alex Cappa, G, Humboldt State

I think Cappa has to be a guard. His arms are too small and he can’t move. With that said, it wouldn’t shock me if he snuck into the 3rd round if a team views him as a starter along the interior. Either way, he won’t be a tackle.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Quenton Meeks, DB, Stanford

Meeks is another intriguing hybrid defensive back. He is a safe bet to get the call before the end of the 4th round.


  1. Denver Broncos (from WAS): John Kelly, RB, Tennessee

Everyone loves John Kelly. He reminds me of last year’s version of Mike Davis for Seattle. Make whatever you want of that comparison!


  1. Cleveland Browns (from GB): Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State

I like Jones a lot. He has the look of a Day 2 pick. Unfortunately, tackles that run 5.5 at the combine don’t get picked until Day 3. Go find an example. We’re only making an exception for Orlando Brown because we viewed him as a 1st rounder before the combine. Even still, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Brown falls to the top of the 4th round. I like Jones a lot on Day 3.


  1. Chicago Bears (from ARZ): Marcus Allen, S, Penn State

Allen is going to be a really solid run defender and 4th round pick.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, Edge, Oklahoma

Okoronkwo is a bit undersized, but that’s a bigger issue for teams that play more 4-3 than Dallas.


  1. Detroit Lions: Duke Ejiofor, Edge, Wake Forest

Ejiofor would probably be a lock for the 2nd round if not for his current recovery from labrum surgery. He will be a 4th round value pick.


  1. Baltimore Ravens: Genard Avery, Edge, Memphis

Some teams view Avery as an edge player. Either way, he will be a very good special teams player and the Ravens have rumored interest.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers: Justin Jones, DL, North Carolina State

Jones is a solid mid-round defensive lineman after a strong week in Mobile. The Chargers are rumored to be interested.


  1. Seattle Seahawks: Tony Brown, CB, Alabama

Brown is very athletic so it’s no surprise that the team most closely associated with valuing SPARQ is interested.


  1. Buffalo Bills: Kalen Ballage, RB, Arizona State

Ballage could easily find his way into the third round because of his floor. More specifically, he has good size, can block, catches the ball well out of the backfield, and can contribute a few carries each game. He looked like Arizona star David Johnson this offseason, but we still project him as more of a complementary back.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs: Jordan Whitehead, S, Pittsburgh

Whitehead is really athletic and he can even cover receivers in the slot. Just as I previously expressed doubts about Turay going in the 3rd round, I have a hard time seeing what would keep Whitehead out of the top 100. I think the character stuff for him is overblown.


  1. Miami Dolphins (from CLE): Luke Falk, QB, Washington State

The Dolphins have expressed a lot of interest in Luke Falk. They have met with him multiple times and if they miss out on one in the first round this is a highly likely selection.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (from LAR): Jordan Akins, TE, Central Florida

Akins raised some eyebrows with his route running at the Senior Bowl. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Lions snag him much earlier than this because they’ve shown a lot of interest in him. In this projection, they took Hayden Hurst in the 2nd round.


  1. Tennessee Titans: Durham Smythe, TE, Notre Dame

I refuse to believe that I’m higher on Smythe than everyone else. This guy is a really solid backup inline tight end. He blocks and he even showed that he could catch in Mobile once he was able to get away from the Notre Dame quarterbacks.


  1. Atlanta Falcons: Jack Cichy, LB, Wisconsin

Cichy likely would have been in the second round range had he stayed healthy. Durability concerns could push him to round 4 or 5, but the Falcons are interested.


  1. New Orleans Saints: Tarvarius Moore, S, Southern Miss

Moore wasn’t invited to the combine, but he had an explosive pro day and New Orleans had a front row view as the team ran his position drills.


  1. San Francisco 49ers (from PIT): Dalton Schultz, TE, Stanford

Schultz is similar to Durham Smythe. Both are solid all-around inline players that don’t do anything exceptional, but they should both player for a long time.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trenton Thompson, DL, Georgia

Thompson is a nice player who was getting a tad overrated earlier in the process because of all of the talent he played with on that defense. The 4th round is the right spot for him.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (from MIN): J’Mon Moore, WR, Missouri

This is a good spot for Moore. The Eagles need some depth at receiver


  1. Miami Dolphins (from PHI): Simmie Cobbs, WR, Indiana

Cobbs is an intriguing big target. Unfortunately, the question will be whether or not he can separate from pro cornerbacks and he sure didn’t test like he could.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Dickson, P, Texas

Donnie Jones has been released and Dickson would represent a sizeable upgrade.


  1. Green Bay Packers: Kyzir White, S, West Virginia

Kevin’s brother should come into play somewhere between picks 80 and 130. He looked good at the Senior Bowl.


  1. Arizona Cardinals: Colby Gossett, OG, Appalachian State

The Cardinals spent time with Gossett at his pro day. He projects as a future starter.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (from NYG): Avonte Maddox, CB, Pittsburgh

I love Maddox. He can’t play the boundary, but plug him into the sub-packages and he’ll be a good player. He was one of the standouts of Shrine week.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (from NE): Tony Adams, G, North Carolina St.

Adams has some nice versatility. That’s critical on Day 3 when teams are looking for guys that can justifiably be active on gameday if they aren’t starters.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: Deadrin Senat, DL, South Florida

Senat has a ton of upside and gives the Cowboys some more depth along the interior defensive line

5th Round


  1. Green Bay Packers (from CLE): Nick Nelson, CB, Wisconsin

Nelson received some big news when he was diagnosed with only a partially torn meniscus last week. Reports have this development moving his timetable for recovery down from 3-4 months to about 6 weeks. Nelson will still miss OTAs, but now he should be all set for the start of training camp.


  1. New York Giants: Mark Walton, RB, Miami

Walton makes sense for the Giants even if they decide to take Saquon Barkley in the first round. Wayne Gallman was a little bit better than we thought he’d be last year, but Walton still has more upside and the former Clemson back was part of the previous regime. Dave Gettleman has shown a lot of interest in Walton and there’s room for him even with Gallman and potentially Barkley.


  1. Indianapolis Colts: Holton Hill, CB, Texas

We had Hill rated as a 1st round prospect at one point a year ago, but failed drug tests will scare teams enough to pass in the top 3 rounds.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (from HOU): Andrew Brown, DL, Virginia

Brown is this year’s Eddie Vanderdoes. He looks the part and practices like a future pro bowler. That potential is there. Then you look at his collegiate career and wonder why it hasn’t translated to success during games.


  1. Washington Redskins (from DEN): Wyatt Teller, OG, Virginia Tech

Teller had a bad year, but tested extremely well this offseason and looked great all week during practice at the Senior Bowl.


  1. San Francisco 49ers (from NYJ): Marcell Ateman, WR, Oklahoma State

The 49ers are rumored to be heavily interested in the former Oklahoma State receiver. He looked better in position drills at his pro day than his higher regarded teammate.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Dorance Armstrong, Edge, Kansas

Armstrong is one of the most underrated players in the draft. I don’t think he gets out of the third round in such a weak edge class.


  1. Chicago Bears:Keke Coutee, WR, Texas Tech

Coutee is one of many intriguing Day 3 slot receivers.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (from OAK): Kevin Toliver II, CB, LSU

Toliver has huge potential after joining LSU as one of the top recruits in the country. He has some character flags that could keep him out of Day 2.


  1. New Orleans Saints (from MIA): Mike White, QB, Western Kentucky

This is a terrific selection for the Saints. White has the potential to start if he has strong pieces around him in the offense. That’s exactly the situation the  New Orleans offense appears to be in during the near future. Even if he doesn’t turn out to be the eventually successor to Drew Brees, he will provide the team with a cheap quality backup so valuable cap space can be allocated elsewhere.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (from SF): Bilal Nichols, DL, Delaware

The Steelers brought Nichols in for a visit. He had a terrific offseason so this may represent the lowest point Nichols could fall on Saturday.


  1. Denver Broncos (from WAS): Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane

I think Nickerson is going to go a lot lower than many realize. He has an issue with his knee that’s similar to Jay Ajayi’s condition. He is healthy now, but may only be a one-contract player.


  1. Cleveland Browns (from GB): Armani Watts, S, Texas A&M

Watts is a safe bet to stick around the league for a contract or two as a backup who can start for short periods of time if called upon.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Desmond Harrison, OT, West Georgia

Based off his play, Harrison deserves to be selected on Day 2. He has some significant character issues that should push him down and the Bengals have multiple spots to fill on their offensive line. This is a match made in heaven...or hell.


  1. Arizona Cardinals: Daniel Carlson, K, Auburn

Phil Dawson is now into his mid-40’s and he missed 4 FGs from within 39 yards last year. The Cardinals can save $2.5m by cutting him.


  1. Detroit Lions: Darius Phillips, CB, Western Michigan

Phillips will serve as a slot corner and return specialist. He provides so much value on Day 3 that he may get bumped up to the end of Day 2.


  1. Baltimore Ravens: Will Clapp, C, LSU

We think Will Clapp has been tremendously underrated throughout the process. He has position versatility and we think he will be someone a team will be happy to activate each week.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers: Bo Scarbrough, RB, Alabama

Scarbrough was so overrated in January that he’s become underrated. He isn’t a workhorse despite his size. However, he can give you a solid number of carries if used as a tandem back, he’s useful in the passing game, and his athletic profile is impressive. Sign me up at the cost of a late 5th or 6th round choice.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (from PHI): Brandon Parker, OT, North Carolina A&T

Parker is going to go higher than this. We may have to make that adjustment before Thursday. He is this year’s Julien Davenport. He will need a year or two as a swing tackle.


  1. New York Jets (from DAL): Jeff Holland, Edge, Auburn

This is a perfect fit. The Jets have a need for an edge rusher, they’ve shown a lot of interest in Holland, and this is right around the area I would expect him to get drafted.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (from BUF): Azeem Victor, LB, Washington

Ok, yes, we have the Bengals picking ll of the players will character flags and they probably won’t pick ALL of them.


  1. Oakland Raiders (from NE): Chad Thomas, DE, Miami

Jihad Ward’s roster spot is in clear danger after struggling to make it onto the active roster for most of his time spent with the team. The Raiders have shown interest in Thomas and they may see him as an eventual replacement for Mario Edwards once his contract expires.


  1. Denver Broncos (from LAR): Will Dissly, TE, Washington

Dissly is the best blocking tight end in the class.


  1. Carolina Panthers: Jalyn Holmes, DL, Ohio State

Holmes has a chance to set the edge against the run, but he may spend most of his time playing on the interior of the defensive line.


  1. Tennessee Titans: Folorunsu Fatukasi, DT, Connecticut

Fatukasi has really helped himself throughout the past few months. He has met multiple times with the Titans.


  1. Washington Redskins (from DEN): Poona Ford, DT, Texas

Poona Ford, P.J. Hall, Deadrin Senat, Derek Nnadi: These guys are all undersized 4-3 3-techs and they’re all spectacular values on Day 3.  


  1. New Orleans Saints: Korey Robertson, WR, Southern Mississippi

New Orleans made a good move to sign Cameron Meredith. Now the team needs to continue to add to the talent pool at the position.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: Josh Adams, RB, Notre Dame

Everybody hates Josh Adams, but we don’t dislike him at all. We think he could have a career similar to Tyrone Wheatley.


  1. Buffalo Bills (from JAX): Andre Smith, LB, North Carolina

Smith hasn’t garnered a lot of media attention throughout the process, but he will be a solid value somewhere in the middle of Day 3.


  1. Minnesota Vikings: Jaylen Samuels, RB, North Carolina State

After losing Jerick McKinnon, I expect the Vikings to target a 3rd down back at some point in the draft. If the team looks to fill that need in the 3rd round, then Nyheim Hines and Kalen Ballage make sense. Chase Edmonds and Akrum Wadley are two later options that could come into play.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (from NE): Trenton Cannon, RB, Virginia State

Cannon is a former DII stud who blew scouts away at his pro day.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles: Tim Settle, DL, Virginia Tech

Although Settle didn’t test very well at the combine, his game is really centered on being a space-eater who helps shut down opposing running backs. He should find a home within the 3rd or 4th round.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Michael Joseph, CB, Dubuque

Joseph didn’t look out of place at the Senior Bowl. He got beat deep a few times while in Mobile, but showed he has speed to stick at corner at the combine. He may be a better fit for zone teams and he will certainly benefit from NFL coaching.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: DeShon Elliott, S, Texas

Like Watts, Elliott is a good mid-Day 3 option because he should stick around for awhile as a backup.


  1. Green Bay Packers: Matthew Thomas, LB, Florida State

Thomas was one of the stories of the combine because of his terrific athleticism. He also offers position versatility and special teams value. He just needs to keep himself out of trouble.


  1. Oakland Raiders (from DAL): JK Scott, P, Alabama

So much drama has been stirred up by the decision to cut Marquette King. He is absolutely one of the best punters in the league, but there were clearly other factors that played into that transaction and this draft class boasts 3 or 4 punters that have a chance to be just as good (Dickson, Scott, Townsend, and possibly Davidson).


  1. Green Bay Packers: Zach Sieler, DL, Ferris State

Sieler was a late entry to the 2018 draft class after he was denied a 6th year of eligibility. He should find a home somewhere late on Day 3.


6th Round

  1. Cleveland Browns: Trayvon Henderson, S, Hawaii

Henderson rehabilitated his stock a bit by having a good week in Mobile.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (from NYG): Justin Jackson, RB, Northwestern

Jackson reminds me of Darnell Autry. Remember him?


  1. Houston Texans: Christian Sam, LB, Arizona State

Sam can cover a lot of ground and the Texans have shown heavy interest in him. If he gets to this pick, which he may not, I think Houston will turn in the card.

  1. Indianapolis Colts: Tarvarus McFadden, DB, Florida State

McFadden didn’t really improve his 40 time from the high 4.6 times he posted in Indianapolis. He doesn’t appear to have the speed to stick at corner.


  1. New York Jets: J.C. Jackson, CB, Maryland

There is so much depth at cornerback on Day 3 that a couple mid-rounders at the position could fall to the 6th round.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Scott Quessenberry, C, UCLA

Ali Marpet is a better guard than center.


  1. Chicago Bears: Jamil Demby, G, Maine

Demby is a future 3rd guard. He’s a solid value here.


  1. Arizona Cardinals (from DEN): Chase Litton, QB, Marshall

The Cardinals may look for a quarterback they can try to develop and Litton has a ton of upside but some question his decision to come out early.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (from MIA): Justin Watson, WR, Pennsylvania

Watson made some highlight catches during practice at the Senior Bowl, but he really broke through as a likely draft selection after his off-the-charts pro day.


  1. San Francisco 49ers: Grant Haley, CB, Penn State

I thought I was too high on Haley after the Shrine Game. By the end of the combine, I realized everybody else was too low on him. He is one of Draft Board Guru’s favorite Day 3 players.


  1. Oakland Raiders: Darrel Williams, RB, LSU

If the Raiders draft Williams, he will have less talent on the depth chart in front of him than he had at LSU. In fact, that hold true for just about anywhere he lands. Williams is a big back who is a good blocker and receiver. He won’t be a star, but I think he will be a valuable piece to an NFL backup for at least the length of his rookie contract if he stays healthy.


  1. Green Bay Packers: Brett Toth, OT, Army

Toth would be a slam-dunk Day 2 selection if he were available to play right away. Look for him to potentially develop into a starting left tackle after his military commitment has been fulfilled.


  1. Buffalo Bills (from CIN): Trey Quinn, WR, SMU

I think part of the reason UFA slot receivers like Jeremy Maclin and Eric Decker haven’t signed yet is because of the impressive number of rookies that fit that role on Day 3.


  1. Cleveland Browns (from WAS): Timon Parris, OL, Stony Brook

Parris has some position versatility. I think he is a better bet to be active on Sundays as a rookie than some of the other small-school tackles in the 5-7 range.


  1. New Orleans Saints (from ARZ): Tegray Scales, LB, Indiana

Scales had a productive collegiate career and his athleticism suggests he may have a shot to succeed in the NFL.


  1. Baltimore Ravens: Taron Johnson, CB, Weber State

Johnson really had an impressive pre-draft process aside from getting hit in the head with a throw during the gauntlet drill at the combine.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers: Kameron Kelly, CB, San Diego State

Kelly worked out for the Chargers. He is a big physical corner who some teams may view as a safety.


  1. Dallas Cowboys (from OAK): Cole Madison, OT, Washington State

Madison could come off the board as early as the 4th round. I really believe he has a shot to be a starting right guard down the road.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: Dmitri Flowers, FB, Oklahoma

The Cowboys just traded for Jamize Olawale, but Flowers may be a cheaper version of him after 2018.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (from DET): Tre Flowers, S, Oklahoma

The cousins are back-to-back picks in our mock. Tre profiles as a backup.


  1. Los Angeles Rams (from BUF): Micah Kiser, LB, Virginia

There’s a linebacker or two like Kiser in every draft. He was a star in college and people who follow NCAA football will be surprised to see him so low, but he isn't a great athlete.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs: Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa

Wadley may be a better version of Kerwynn Williams.


  1. Carolina Panthers: Godwin Igwebuike, S, Northwestern

Igwebuike is a tremendous value in the 6th round. I think he can fill in at either safety position if a starter gets hurt.


  1. New England Patriots (from LAR):Quin Blanding, S, Virginia

The Patriots will love Blanding because of his special teams ability. I think Bill Belichick’s ultimate dream is to have a roster that contains 52 special teams players and Tom Brady. He will probably draft Blanding as his annual out-of-nowhere top 100 pick. I can write these things because nobody is going to read my description for the 198th selection in the draft.


  1. Tennessee Titans: Shaun Dion Hamilton, LB, Alabama

Hamilton has flown under the radar because of durability concerns. If he can get and stay healthy, this will look like a brilliant pick by the end of his rookie deal.


  1. Atlanta Falcons: Kurt Benkert, QB, Virginia

The Falcons have spent a good amount of time with Benkert.


  1. New Orleans Saints: Sam Jones, G, Arizona State

We might be higher on Sam Jones than most. Both Ray and I believe he will make an NFL roster.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from PIT): Greg Senat, OT, Wagner

Senat has been the focus of one of NFL Rough Draft’s biggest 2018 debates. Ray disagrees, but I would rather spend a 6th round pick on Senat than a 4th on Alex Cappa if I’m looking for a developmental tackle. Both should be inactive every game next season, but Senat is longer and looks more like a prototypical tackle.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Danny Johnson, CB, Southern

Johnson reminds me a little bit of Oakland’s Dexter McDonald. He needs to trust himself more or receivers are going to eat him up underneath.


  1. Minnesota Vikings: Ade Aruna, Edge, Tulane

Aruna looks like a 1st rounder. He is very raw and will be limited to pass rush specialist at the beginning of his career.


  1. Washington Redskins (from CLE): Riley Ferguson, QB, Memphis

The Redskins will look at quarterbacks closely in this draft even after acquiring Alex Smith. Ferguson could be a logical fit on day 3.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles: Tyler Conklin, TE, Central Michigan

Conklin projects as a solid backup tight end. He isn’t spectacular in any one area, but he can catch and block a little. The Eagles sent their TE coach to his pro day.


  1. Green Bay Packers: D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State

Reed is going to give you value in the slot and the return game. He could end up in the 4th round.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: Levi Wallace, CB, Alabama

Wallace has long arms and how can you bet against someone who walked onto the team at Alabama and eventually became a starter?


  1. Miami Dolphins (from LAR): Ryan Izzo, TE, Florida State

Izzo is a pure blocking specialist.


  1. New England Patriots (from OAK): Kylie Fitts, Edge, Utah

The Patriots need edge players and Fitts registered an impressive SPARQ rating.


  1. Houston Texans: Jullian Taylor, DL, Temple

Taylor is an interesting swing-for-the-fences choice in the 6th round. He had a great pro day after a highly productive season that was highlighted with a monster game against Central Florida. However, Taylor has struggled with injuries in the past hadn’t been very productive until the end of his redshirt senior season.


  1. Oakland Raiders: Chandon Sullivan, CB, Georgia State

Sullivan proved that he could compete with a higher level of athletes during his week at the Senior Bowl. He is a safe bet to get drafted now.


  1. Minnesota Vikings: Davontae Harris, CB, Illinois State

I didn’t know much about Harris until his combine performance made me take a closer look.


  1. Houston Texans: Leon Jacobs, LB, Wisconsin

Jacobs is very athletic, but it doesn’t quite translate into his ability on the field. He is a backup linebacker who can make a team as a special teams standout.


  1. Baltimore Ravens: Cedrick Wilson, WR, Boise State

We’re not as high on Wilson as some others seem to be. There isn’t one thing that he does really well so he might get lost in the roster shuffle in August. Still, the Ravens are in position to take some late round shots on receivers.


  1. Oakland Raiders: Deontay Burnett, WR, USC

Burnett is conceivably an upgrade to Seth Roberts in the slot.


  1. Oakland Raiders: Kenny Young, LB, UCLA

The Raiders had some serious issues on the depth chart at linebacker last season and things haven’t gotten much better since then.


  1. Minnesota Vikings: Dejon Allen, G, Hawaii

I like Allen a lot. I think he could play center or guard and he could finish out a game for you at tackle in an emergency.

7th Round

  1. New England Patriots (from CLE): Jalen Davis, CB, Utah State

The Patriots have been tied to Davis.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (from NYG): K.C. McDermott, OL, Miami

McDermott’s versatility will get him drafted.


  1. Indianapolis Colts: Roc Thomas, RB, Jacksonville State

The Colts addressed the position earlier, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take another shot late.


  1. Houston Texans: Richie James, WR, Middle Tennessee State

James is a small slot receiver with ability as a kick returner. The team may ultimately view him as an upgrade over RB/WR Tyler Ervin.


  1. San Francisco 49ers (from MIA): Matt Gono, OG, Wesley

Gono had a private workout with the 49ers. He played tackle at Wesley, but he is only 6-5 so he began his transition to guard at the NFLPA Game where he looked like a mauler. We think he will get drafted.


  1. Chicago Bears: Tanner Carew, LS, Oregon

Carew is the top long snapper in this class by a mile and he has been linked to the Bears. Ray and I can tell you first hand that he is a strong character player from our experiences with him this offseason and we wish him the best.


  1. Minnesota Vikings (from DEN): Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa State

Lazard could fill the red zone role previously occupied by Michael Floyd.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (from NYJ): Natrell Jamerson, S, Wisconsin

This is a typical Seattle selection so it’s no surprise they are interested. Jamerson is an athletic backup safety at the next level who should be a good special teams player.


  1. Miami Dolphins (from SF): Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin

Fumagalli is a big slot receiver who is listed as a tight end. Adam Gase uses his tight ends in the passing game so it makes sense to bring Fumagalli in to compete for a spot.


  1. Oakland Raiders: Tremon Smith, CB/PR, Central Arkansas

The Raiders double up on intriguing small school corners. Smith will also return punts if/when Jalen Richard fails to make the team.


  1. Miami Dolphins: Eddy Piniero, K, Miami

Caleb Sturgis left for the Chargers. Griffin Oakes could be in play here too.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (from CIN): David Wells, TE, San Diego State

Wells is a tough blocking tight end. He will go late, but he will make a roster.


  1. Washington Redskins: James Looney, DL, California

Looney was one of the better prospects at the Shrine Game. He isn’t a terrific athlete, but we think he has a role at the back-end of a rotation. He can set the edge against the run.


  1. Green Bay Packers: Anthony Winbush, Edge, Ball State

Winbush put up some terrific numbers at Ball state and looked good at his pro day. He should get drafted.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (from ARZ): Jordan Lasley, WR, UCLA

Lasley has talent, but his off-field concerns will likely push him down to Day 3. People are all over the place with him.


  1. Carolina Panthers (from BUF): Joe Ostman, Edge, Central Michigan

Ostman was an impressive edge rusher in college and some teams even view him as a future fullback.


  1. New York Jets (from SEA): Skyler Phillips, G, Idaho State

Phillips has seen his stock fall throughout the process. He should still get drafted late.


  1. Dallas Cowboys: Vyncint Smith, WR, Limestone

Smith is a small-school pro day story. He may have worked his way into the 7th round.


  1. Detroit Lions: Johnny Townsend, P, Florida

Townsend is able to put some impressive hang time on his punts. This is a really strong class of punters.


  1. Baltimore Ravens: Jeremy Reaves, S, South Alabama

Ray has been banging the drum for Reaves for months now. This Senior Bowl invitee works hard and has strong character and determination.


  1. Green Bay Packers (from BUF): Deon Yelder, TE, Western Kentucky

Yelder put himself on the radar late during the week at the Senior Bowl.


  1. San Francisco 49ers (from KC): Damon Webb, S, Ohio State

Webb will have to make a roster as a special teams standout.


  1. Washington Redskins (from LAR): Frank Ginda, LB, San Jose State

Ginda was the NCAA leader in tackles last season. He answered questions about his athleticism by putting up impressive numbers at his pro day. We spoke to Ginda on one of our podcasts and it’s clear he has high marks for character throughout the league.


  1. Carolina Panthers: Joel Iyiegbuniwe, LB, Western Kentucky

Iyiegbuniwe has the potential to be a starter so he should be a strong value in the 5th round.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs (from TEN): Javon Rolland-Jones, Edge, Arkansas State

I don’t think Rolland-Jones is going to get drafted after a poor offseason, but Ray thinks he will so we kept him in for now.


  1. Atlanta Falcons: Ito Smith, RB, Southern Miss

Tevin Coleman is probably gone after this season so Smith may be able to fit into the complementary back role.


  1. New Orleans Saints: Linden Stephens, CB, Cincinnati

Stephens visited the Saints and says teams view him as a gunner who can develop into a useful cornerback. We agree with that assessment.


  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: Greg Gilmore, DL, LSU

Gilmore will be coveted by teams that are looking for 3-4 five-techniques.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Korey Cunningham, OT,  Cincinnati

Cunningham has had a few visits lined up. He seems to be on the radar in the 7th round around the league.


  1. Seattle Seahawks (from MIN): Jacob Pugh, LB, Florida State

Pugh is an athlete. He will need to make it as a special teams player.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals (from NE): Nick Bawden, FB, San Diego State

Bawden is the best throwback fullback in the class.


  1. Philadelphia Eagles (from SEA): Kentavius Street, DL, North Carolina State

Street is the latest example of why official team workouts need to be regulated to some degree. He tore his ACL working out for the Giants and that will cost him at least 3 rounds and his rookie season. Ray and I are both rooting for Street.


  1. Los Angeles Chargers: Javon Wims, WR, Georgia

Wims is raw, but he has a large catch radius.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Tracy Walker, S, Louisiana

Walker looked pretty good at the combine. He has a decent shot to get drafted late.


  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida

Callaway has top-50 talent, but he has a laundry list of character flags. Dede Westbrook was in a similar situation last year, but there’s one major difference: Westbrook played very well during his final year at Oklahoma and Callaway didn’t play at all last year. Do we remember how that impacted USC’s Mike Williams or DGB from Missouri? The highest Callaway will be drafted is the 4th round, but that factor has us projecting him a lot closer to his floor of not being drafted at all. Somehow, I have a hard time believing he will get past the Bengals three times this late in the 7th round.


  1. Arizona Cardinals: Chase Edmonds, RB, Fordham

Edmonds is an interesting option as he was on pace to become the all-time leading rusher in FCS history before injuries derailed his final season of eligibility. Edmonds was then forced to leave the Shrine Game early in the week because of another minor injury. Edmonds is a favorite sleeper amongst many draftniks, but his durability is certainly a concern after racking up about 1,000 touches on his 205 lb frame during his college career. We expect him to get drafted, and possibly near the end of the 5th round, but expectations should be tempered a bit.


  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Hercules Mata’afa, Edge, Washington State

Hercules is a tough evaluation because he can’t succeed in the NFL playing defensive tackle. He will need to be an edge player.


  1. Atlanta Falcons: Troy Apke, S, Penn State

Apke had an interception in the NFLPA Game and blew everyone away at the combine. He will almost certainly be drafted as a special teams player with the potential to fill in at safety.