NFL Rough Draft has consistently been ranked by The Huddle Report as one of the most accurate sources for forecasting value in the NFL draft.

Arif Hasan, an accomplished Vikings reporter and draft researcher, recently wrote an article showing that NFLRD  has predicted future success of NFL prospects better than anyone, including the actual team executives who made the picks.


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(Draft Board Updated 4/16/18)


Also, check out our friend Doug Martz (The NFL Draft Guru)! He has been the most accurate analyst at projecting which players will land in the top 100 picks of the NFL draft over the past 5 years and he has done it in impressive fashion. The gap between his rating and second place is the same as the gap between second and thirteenth! There is literally nobody in the draft business that Ray and I respect more than Doug so you'll want to visit his website!

Our friends over at Fanspeak have included us in their mock draft simulator! I have no idea how it works, but it seems pretty cool so check it out!